My Teaching Philosophy

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to start by sharing  my teaching philosophy because as it would happen I would like to be a teacher.  Not only a teacher, but also a professor. I think my heart and passion are equally intrenched in making art and helping others make art.

I have volunteered and taught young children, and think is a rewarding experience, but most 7 year olds do not know what they want to be when they grow up, and don’t need my help being imaginative and creative. I think college is the perfect place to teach people who are unsure if stepping into the art world is for them, and need a nudge to show them their potential. I would like to be that person who helps inspire a new generation of artist, and hopefully teach through my experience and willingness to learn from them.

I hope its not to dry, but it is for the educational system and hopefully straight and to the point. Please feel free to give feedback.

2014-12-10 00.43.50

The goal of my teaching is to create an active learning environment and one of the main objectives is to facilitate this learning by helping students gain necessary skills through visual analysis, craftsmanship and critical analysis. I want students to become active participants in their learning. As an artist and teacher my goal is to help them discover who they are as artists, while allowing them  opportunities to discover and grow through experience.

As an instructor I believe creating a safe environment that is interactive and collaborative promotes problem solving. Creating a safe atmosphere allows the students to have a free voice without fear of personal attacks. The information from this setting allows for independent thinking, which is essential to developing their studio practices.

Teaching is all about instilling art fundamentals and concepts to students in a way they retain and hold the information for later use. Sharing art processes and my personal information on subject matters in my area of expertise with help students in their endeavors. Using current tools available is also crucial in allowing students to discover traditional art concepts and contemporary art practices. I want students to see that although there are obstacles and challenges as artists that they can become active members of the art community.


3 thoughts on “My Teaching Philosophy

  1. Not really philosophical comments,but…

    Any thoughts on the pros and cons of Art education in the “Business of Art” ? In particular I wonder about Art schools teaching use of the internet channels and social media by artists today to promote and sell their work.

    As a second ‘issue’, how do you feel about the duty, if any, of institutions who provide degrees in Fine Art to seriously commits to their graduatess obtaining work in their fields ? I’m Canadian, and one of my American profs was emphatic that there was a social contract between Art academia and its artists. He contrasted this just turning out baristas with large student loans.


    1. Sorry for the late reply but I do have some thoughts on the question you asked. First off as a graduate student in art school I have found that an MFA is beneficial to have. I don’t think necessarily it has taught me more skill level wise but its does help with thinking about your artwork and talking about it. Also, no one in art school like professors have to help you gets jobs, sell work or get into exhibitions that is not there job. There job is to help you and be a resource if you need help. I take it upon myself to do the things I know will benefit me in the future and move me towards my goals. An MFA is needed for a lot of art related jobs and if you want to teach you need to go to graduate school. I have found that in this new age of technology social media is helpful and beneficial in making to contacts and spreading your artwork. I do wordpress, intragram, facebook and twitter. I think the more people that can see your artwork and experience is also a good thing. I hope this helped and answered your questions. Thank you for commenting


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