Do What You Want To Do

Hello everyone!

After having my Graduate Thesis show and taking a couple days off I feel more refreshed, and ready to take on the world. I feel as if I can push further, and want to accomplish more things.

I had a student the other day say that she feels more energized and willing to put more effort into her paintings because she took a day trip to see galleries and museums. She found it so amazing that something so little as looking at art could make her better at art. This inspired me and really this blog post because I feel the same way. After having such a grand show, and being surrounded by the art of peers I feel as if I want to try harder.

Now is the perfect time to just do what I want. I just completed about 2 years of work, and was working on a set concept. At this moment in time I am not pinned down to a body of work I must finish, and I have no deadlines. I feel that I can explore again, and come back to things I may have forgotten. I can also continue on with the idea I was working with, and this time there is no added pressure. The point I am getting at after all of that is to explore again. If you are in the same shoes as me my advice is to do what you want. I’m taking some rest time to write my paper and then I’m taking risks again. So be a selfish artist and do exactly what you want. I mean anything really, make paper airplanes or greeting cards, and do what you want!IMG_1598

A lot of people have told me you need to be brave and think for yourself, as if I don’t. What I have to say to them is that in graduate school you have many people giving you feedback and if you were to just ignore what everyone says why did you decide to go to school in the first place? I came to school to get a degree but also have peers, professors and visiting artist help me with my work. I think an important thing to remember is to be receptive. As an artist you have to choose what advice to move forward with and what not too. That’s  the model I have followed. I respect these people I have chosen as mentors, peers and fellow artists, what they have to say I want to give due consideration. That was then when I as working on my thesis, and really trying to get at the heart of my ideas.

But, at this point in time I don’t care what others have to say. I want to do something solely for myself. I believe in the end my decisions are my decisions not someone else’s. That applies for all the work I have ever done. I believe I think for myself and am a brave artist. This work I am about to begin will just not have as many outside voices. As I have said before I am going to do what I want to do. It’s going to refreshing and renewing. I am very excited for the next chapter, and what will come.


Right now I am focusing on making 6×6 inches pieces for a show here in Rochester. I am also learning how to use a dip pen and ink to draw with. Many fun things happening and to come!




Here are links to my website and artists pages. Click and explore!


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