2016 Graduate Thesis Show

Hello Everyone,

As many of you now if you have seen my Facebook or other blog posts, is that I am a graduate student and working on my thesis. I am proud to say that the thesis show has come and gone. I have survived, and the paintings were completed.

The show was amazing and had so many people attend. I was surrounded by my friends and family, and felt truly blessed. There were a couple of downsides, but they were minimal when comparing everything to the big picture of finished thesis. Firstly, I was sad I couldn’t fit more of my artwork into my thesis show. I made so many pieces of work that I was in the fortunate position to edit things out, but then it was hard because I love everything I did. However, the show has about 14 people in it, so I chose what  most sense. Which in a way is how many shows should go. You shouldn’t throw everything you have ever made into a show because it might fit together. I wanted my show to look clean, fresh and overall make sense. The outcome to me looks beautiful and flows nicely.

The other downside is that I got sick the day before the show and all my family showed up. I pushed through and took cold medicine, but it did make opening night a bit hard. I think I talked to everyone I should have, but a lot of the night is a big blur. So many people attended and I did so many things I think even if I wasn’t sick it would still be hard to remember everything from such a huge night.

Although, there were downsides obviously there were many more positives. I felt beautiful, accomplished and truly blessed. My whole family attended, and finally my twin sister, the inspiration for this body of work, got to see it completed. She took some photos for me on the big night since I was a little overwhelmed by it all.

I recently got to walk back through the gallery and take some pictures, and I have to say how proud I feel. I feel proud for myself and my fellow artists. If any of you are ready this you did an amazing job. I might be biased when I say it was one of the best graduate thesis shows, but I don’t care.

Here is a look at my artwork and many of the other amazing artist in the show. Enjoy!

Here are links to my website and artists pages. Click and explore!






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