After Graduation What’s Next?


Hello Everyone!

I am proud to say that this last Friday I walked down the stage at Rochester Institute of Technology and became a Master, and realized that I am done with school (just got to get that Thesis Paper done). Since 2008, I have been in school in some form or fashion, only taking one year off in-between my undergraduate and graduate schooling.

It is weird to think that I won’t be attending classes, and stressful to think I soon have to join the “real world”. I like to say that I have to be a real adult now, because joining the workforce and applying to jobs is my main priority. I really have to think about how my art career can grow from this point onward.

These notions are daunting to me, because I am someone who likes to plan and always move forward, and at this moment in time I am uncertain of what step is next. School prepares you to have amazing skills in your field. I know about art, art critique and making work, but still feel sorrowfully lacking in the know how of the art world and how to procure jobs. I tried my best to prepare for this moment. I attended the College Art Association Conference, built up my resume, and taught where ever I could, but still this is new. New moments in life are scary and hard.

So, my plan is this, to keep applying to jobs, as I have been, and keep the hope alive that someone will see the skills I have to offer. I stand by my work, and believe in its excellence. Its worth applying to any job that involves art because I am skillful individual, and I am qualified. I’m a Master!

I hope that others find this encouraging because even if like me your feel stressed and discouraged at finding a job, you need to keep pushing. Work on your resume, your cover letter, photograph your work, and call jobs back because you can always improve, don’t limit yourself. My older brother taught me this and I have found that it is great advice to keep me motivated. I believe that because he keeps moving forward in his field that it is also possible for me to do the same, and it doesn’t hurt that he is always there to help in any way he can (like proofreading).

Artists have the most personality of all the people I have every met, so let that shine through, and never forget why you started to pursue art for your career. I knew that it would be hard, but because it was something I loved it was worth the struggle. I’ve haven’t found the perfect job yet, but I am not going to let that stop me.

Always keep moving forwards, even if it is just a baby step!

Some recent work!

Here are links to my website and artists pages. All artwork is for sale! Click and explore!


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