The End of One Project Leads to the Next

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give a little update on my current work because I’ve started a new series,  centered on circles.

One major point I wanted to draw attention to is that this is not a random series, but instead the idea was found when I reflected on my last project, my thesis. My thesis explored my emotional connection and metaphysical ties to my twin sister, while using my altered eyesight as a artistic tool (I don’t see anything but blurry shapes from my left eye). My eyesight, which is very distorted, and the fact that I’m a twin allowed for a duality of shape and reality within my artworks.


While painting my Thesis Third Eye, many circular or round shapes would appear in my  abstract atmospheric landscapes. Masses of square marks  would make up the positive space, but circular openings would appear in the negative space. It seemed I had a natural tendency to create these oval openings, so I decided they required further inquiry.

I read a book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and part of this book that stood out stressed letting the last project transition you into the next. Therefore, you are not left fussing at what to do next. Also, my professors in graduate school lectured more than a few times that a great body of work for an artist is cyclical. Art ideas can revolve around one another, bleed into the next and you can always revisit ideas. This does not mean they are all the same, but the concepts follow from one to the next, and you do further research into those past bodies of work.

My circles contrast with my last body of work. They start off circular or oval and then reveal angular negative space. This is the complete opposite of what occurred before, but still reveals the same ideas I have been working with. I’m still concentrating on connections within this body of work. I believe that this series is more inclusive and surrounds a larger number of people that are close to me. The layered ovals represent the timespan and growth of my network. My network or community still shows my identity as a twin, but also how I interact as a friend, sister, daughter and girlfriend.

These are both works in progress, and I’m going to delve deeper into this exploration, finding more concretely the significance of these circles. But, remember if you can’t think of what project to do next, look at what you’ve just finished. Your old artwork can lead you to something new, just like I discovered.

Here are links to my website and artists pages. Click and explore!


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